November 27, 2022
TEC Group International Engineering &Construction industries Jobs

TEC Group International Engineering &Construction industries Jobs

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Process Safety Engineer                             United States

Plant Manager                                                United Kingdom

Control Systems Engineer                         United States

Senior Buyer                                                   Italy

Refurbishment Engineer                            United Kingdom

SHE Specialist                                                  United States

Construction Manager                                United States

Electrician                                                         Germany

Project Engineer                                       United Kingdom

Operations Director                                 United States

Mechanical Engineer                               United Kingdom

SHE Manager                                              United States

Project Engineer                                       United States

Analytical Elemental Expert                  United States

Project Controls Manager                     United States

Process Engineer                                      Germany

Operations Manager                                               United Kingdom

Shift Manager                                                            United Kingdom

Production Manager                                               United States

Process Safety Engineer                                        United Kingdom

Regional Quality Lead                                              United Kingdom

Process Safety Engineer                                        United States

Maintenance Planning Engineer                         United States

Global SHE Director                                                  United States

Process Engineer                                             France

Engineering Manager                                     United Kingdom

Production Manager                                      Germany

Operations Manager                                      United Kingdom

Construction Manager                                   United States

Engineering Manager                                     United Kingdom

Electrician                                                            Germany

Project Engineer                                              United States

Project Engineer                              United Kingdom

Refurbishment Engineer              United Kingdom

Mechanical Engineer                      United Kingdom

Global SHE Director                         United States

Process Engineer                             France

Production Manager                      Germany

Process Safety Engineer               United Kingdom

SHE Specialist                                     United States

Senior Buyer                 Italy

Process Safety Engineer             United States

Analytical Elemental Expert       United States

Maintenance Planning Engineer              United States

Regional Quality Lead   United Kingdom

Production Manager United States

Process Engineer        Germany

Shift Manager              United Kingdom

Project Controls Manager          United States

Project Engineer            United States

SHE Manager    United States

Operations Director      United States

Process Safety Engineer             United Kingdom

Operations Director      United States

Mechanical Engineer    United Kingdom

Project Engineer            United Kingdom

Refurbishment Engineer            United Kingdom

Electrician              Germany

Engineering Manager   United Kingdom

Operations Manager    United Kingdom

Construction Manager United States

Project Engineer United States

SHE Manager       United States

Project Engineer United States

Project Controls Manager                 United States

Process Engineer                                   Germany

Shift Manager                                         United Kingdom

Production Manager                            United States

Analytical Elemental Expert              United States

Regional Quality Lead                          United Kingdom

SHE Specialist                                          United States

Process Safety Engineer                     United States

Maintenance Planning Engineer          United States

Senior Buyer                                                Italy

Production Manager                                 Germany

Global SHE Director                                   United States

Process Engineer                                        France

Project Engineer / Manager (Contract)                France

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