December 4, 2022
Pro Drill Offshore Europe UK Jobs

Pro Drill Offshore Europe UK Jobs

Fantastic Opportunities

Check out these exciting drilling roles hot off the press!

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                     Well Interventions Engineer                               UK                                J9535

                     Night Drilling Supervisor                                       UK                                J9534

                     Senior Drilling Supervisor                                     UK                                J9533

                     Offshore Drilling Materials Controller             UK                                J9532

                     Buyer                                                                            UK                                J9531

                     Assistant Buyer                                                        UK                                J9530

                     Senior Reservoir Engineer                                   UK                                J9529

                     Junior Well Service Supervisor                           South East Asia       J9528

                     Environmental Advisor                                          UK                                J9521

                     Campaign Manager                                                UK                                J9524

                     Campaign Planner                                                   UK                                J9525

                     Maintenance Support Administrator              UK                                J9526

                     Senior Drilling Engineer                                         UK                                J9518

                     Drilling Superintendent                                         UK                                J9517

                     Well Service Supervisor                                        UK                                J9516

                     Senior Drilling Engineer                                         UK                                J9515

                     Wellsite Abandonment Engineer                      UK                                J9514

                     Offshore Operations Engineer                           UK                                J9513

                     Night Drilling Supervisor                                       UK                                J9512

                     Night Drilling Supervisor                                       UK                                J9511

                     Operations Advisor                                                 UK                                J9509

                     Senior Drilling Supervisor                                     UK                                J9504

                     Project Environmental Engineer                       UK                                J9503

                     Well Integrity Engineer                                         UK                                J9501

                     Medical Advisor                                                       UK                                J9497

                     Onshore Drilling Materials Controller              UK                                J9495

                     Environmental Advisor                                          UK                                J9494

                     HR Business Partner                                               UK                                J9358

                     Marine Advisor                                                         UK                                J9485

                     Production Technician                                           UK                                J9420

                     Source-To-Pay Specialist                                      UK                                J9381

                     Night Abandonment Supervisor                       UK                                J9481

                     Senior Plug & Abandonment Engineer           UK                                J9480

                     Vendor Management & Administration Assistant                           UK     J9478

                     Geoscientist                                                              UK                                J9477

                     Well Intervention Pressure Control Instructor                                  UK     J9462

                     Document Controller                                             UK                                J9460

                     HSE Manager                                                             UK                                J9457

                     Well Service Supervisor                                        UK                                J9455

                     Geoscience Technologist                                     UK                                J9453

                     Tax Assistant                                                             UK                                J9447

                     Operations Team Assistant                                 UK                                J9448

                     Talent Specialist                                                       UK                                J9426

                     Senior Recruitment Consultant – Staff Position                                Aberdeen       J9415

                     Transformation Project Manager                     UK                                J9411

                     Junior Well Intervention Instructor                  UK                                J9392

                     Senior Plug & Abandonment Engineer           UK                                J9395

                     Senior Engineering Advisor                                 UK                                J9390

                     HSE Coordinator                                                       UK                                J9388

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