December 2, 2022
Pipeline Technician Job USA

Pipeline Technician Job USA

Job Summary / Purpose

The Pipeline Technician will be responsible for the operation and instrumentation maintenance of the Pipeline Assets following the technical and safety procedures and standards according with the Company business plan. This person will perform routine operations and instrument calibrations on Pipeline equipment.

Essential Duties / Functions

  1. Responsible for the safe and efficient operations of their respective work areas, monitoring equipment, and preparation of equipment for operations and maintenance along with execution of Permit to Work activities.
  2. Adjusts apparatus controls, adjusts valves, and operates electric switches and valve controls as necessary to maintain assigned process operations within prescribed standards.
  3. During his/her shift, monitors, inspects and reports Pipeline equipment physical and operating conditions.
  4. Monitors assigned operations and record data from control meters, gauges and recording chart readings.
  5. Report malfunctions and unusual trends or conditions to supervisor.
  6. Performing I&C Preventive Maintenance task on typical Gas Compression & Transmission equipment
  7. Maintain all test records for instrumentation calibrations and loop checks.
  8. Performs all work in accordance with sound safety practices and using appropriate safety devices and equipment.
  9. Implements operation activities at the Pipeline facility including start up and shut down of equipment.
  10. Participates in the Emergency Response Actions on his/her shift in an emergency event.
Test Technician, Instrument Job USA
Test Technician, Instrument Job USA
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