May 28, 2023
Occidental Petroleum (OXY) Jobs

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) Jobs

Occidental Petroleum Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of oil and gas properties in the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. It operates through three segments: Oil and Gas, Chemical, and Midstream and Marketing.

The company’s Oil and Gas segment explores for, develops, and produces oil and condensate, natural gas liquids (NGLs), and natural gas.

Its Chemical segment manufactures and markets basic chemicals, including chlorine, caustic soda, chlorinated organics, potassium chemicals, ethylene dichloride, chlorinated isocyanurates, sodium silicates, and calcium chloride; vinyls comprising vinyl chloride monomer, polyvinyl chloride, and ethylene.

The Midstream and Marketing segment gathers, processes, transports, stores, purchases, and markets oil, condensate, NGLs, natural gas, carbon dioxide, and power. This segment also trades around its assets consisting of transportation and storage capacity; and invests in entities. Occidental Petroleum Corporation was founded in 1920 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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Electrical Specialist – Construction                                 United States-Texas-Midland

Electrical Specialist                                                            United States-Texas-Seminole

Process Engineer                                                                United States-Louisiana-Hahnville

Production Operations Engineer                                     United States-Texas-Houston

Electrical Specialist – ESP                                                  Multiple Locations

Completions Engineer                                                       United States-Texas-Houston

Facilities Engineer                                                              United States-Texas-Houston

CDL Truck Driver Wichita, KS – Our average drivers have the potential to earn in excess of $100,000                                                                              United States-Kansas-Wichita

CDL Truck Driver Geismar, LA – Our average drivers have the potential to earn in excess of $100,000                                                                              United States-Louisiana-Geismar

Automation Systems Integrator                                      Multiple Locations

Facilities Engineer                                                              United States-Texas-Houston

Artificial Lift Engineer                                                        United States-Texas-Houston

Project Engineer                                                                 United States-Texas-Pasadena

Technical Manager                                                            United States-Texas-Deer Park

Advisor Analytics Engineer                                               United States-Texas-Houston

Automation Project Mgr                                                   United States-Texas-Kermit

Analyst Ops Data Mgmt                                                    United States-Texas-Houston

Production Tech II – PFA                                                    United States-Texas-Big Spring

Automation Specialist                                                       United States-Colorado-Platteville

Measurement Tech                                                            United States-Texas-Kermit

Site Support Technician                                                     United States-Michigan-Ludington

Manager Water Programs                                                United States-Texas-Dallas

Analyst Ops Data Mgmt                                                    United States-Texas-Houston

Production Superintendent                                              United States-Kansas-Wichita

Automation Specialist                                                       United States-New Mexico-Carlsbad

Specialist Well Perform – Prod                                         United States-Texas-Denver City

Operations Specialist III                                                    United States-Texas-Mentone

Specialist Project Controls                                                United States-Texas-Houston

Specialist Quality Assurance                                             United States-Texas-Midland

Principal Process Engineer                                                United States-Texas-Deer Park

Equipment Tech                                                                  United States-Texas-Kermit

Construction Specialist                                                      United States-Texas-Kermit

Construction Specialist                                                      United States-New Mexico-Carlsbad

GOM Eng Advisor Drilling Sr                                             United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Lead Electrical                                                                     United States-Texas-Pecos

Pipefitter                                                                              United States-Kansas-Wichita

Maintenance Engineer                                                      United States-Texas-Pasadena

Production Tech I                                                               United States-Texas-Kermit

Quality Superintendent                                                     United States-Alabama-Muscle Shoals

Maintenance Superintendent                                          United States-Texas-LaPorte

Reservoir Engineer                                                             United States-Texas-Houston

Eng Staff Electrical                                                             Multiple Locations

Specialist HSE Ops                                                              United States-Texas-Odessa

Pipefitter                                                                              Multiple Locations

Simulation Engineer                                                           United States-Texas-Houston

Lead Production Assurance                                              Multiple Locations

Chlor-Alkali Technical Superintendent                           United States-Texas-Gregory

Sr. Maintenance Engineer – Cogeneration/Power      United States-Louisiana-Hahnville

Safety Manager                                                                  United States-Texas-Deer Park

Analyzer Technician                                                           United States-Texas-Deer Park

GOM HSE Operations Leader                                           United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Subsea Facilities Engineer                                                 United States-Texas-The Woodlands

GOM Measurement Specialist                                         United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Electrician                                                                            United States-Texas-LaPorte

Leader Electrical                                                                 United States-Texas-Midland

Geophysical Data Analyst- Seismic Contracts              United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Ethylene Pipeline Specialist                                              United States-Texas-Clemville

Electrician                                                                            United States-Texas-Deer Park

General Maintenance                                                        United States-Texas-Dallas

GOM Engineering Specialist                                             United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Chemical Operator                                                             United States-Texas-Dallas

Process Supervisor/Packaging                                         United States-Texas-Pasadena

Unconventional EOR Development Engineer (RE/FE) United States-Texas-Houston

Production Engineer                                                          United States-Texas-Houston

Risk Engineer                                                                       United States-Texas-Houston

Process Safety Management Engineer                          United States-Louisiana-Geismar

Environmental Manager                                                   United States-Texas-LaPorte

Environmental Manager                                                   United States-Texas-Deer Park

Process Engineer                                                                United States-Texas-Deer Park

Eng Electrical                                                                       United States-Texas-Midland

Automation Specialist I                                                     United States-Texas-Goldsmith

Offshore I&E Tech III                                                         United States-Louisiana-GOM-Lucius

Chemical Operator                                                             United States-Illinois-Chicago

Project Engineer                                                                 United States-Texas-LaPorte

Millwright                                                                             United States-Texas-Pasadena

Safety Engineer                                                                   United States-Texas-Pasadena

Facilities Project Manager                                                United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Ethylene Technical Manager                                            United States-Texas-Gregory

Process Engineer                                                                United States-Texas-Gregory

Electrical Engineer                                                             United States-Texas-Gregory

Instrument Technician                                                       Multiple Locations

Regulatory Analyst Sr                                                        United States-Colorado-Denver

Production Superintendent – Cogen                               United States-Louisiana-Hahnville

Drilling & Completions HSE Advisor                                United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Plant Operator                                                                    United States-Texas-Abernathy

Lead Data Enterprise                                                         United States-Texas-Houston

Lead Data Governance                                                      United States-Texas-Houston

Advisor HSE Drilling Sr                                                       United States-Texas-Pecos

Electrical Engineer Advisor                                               United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Process Engineer Advisor                                                  United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Structural Engineer Advisor                                              United States-Texas-The Woodlands

VCM Technical Manager                                                   United States-Texas-Gregory

Operations Manager                                                         United States-Tennessee-New Johnsonville

Sr Analytics Engineer                                                         United States-Texas-Houston

Manager Project Engineering                                          United States-Texas-Deer Park

Automation Specialist I                                                     United States-Colorado-Platteville

Electrical Specialist Sr                                                        United States-New Mexico-Carlsbad

Stimulation Design and Evaluation Engineer                United States-Texas-Houston

Automation Specialist II                                                    United States-Colorado-Platteville

Automation Specialist I                                                     United States-Texas-Denver City

Offshore Operations Engineer                                         United States-Louisiana-GOM-Marco Polo

Military Hiring Program 2022                                           United States

Maintenance Engineer                                                      United States-Texas-LaPorte

Co-Op Well Servicing                                                         United States-Texas-Seminole

Co-Op Well Servicing                                                         United States-Texas-Midland

Construction Specialist                                                      United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Instrument & Electrical Specialist                                   United States-Texas-Pasadena

Production Clerk – Cogen                                                  United States-Louisiana-Hahnville

Specialist Construction                                                      United States-Texas-Andrews

Equipment Tech                                                                  United States-Texas-Seminole

Automation Systems Integrator                                      United States-Texas-Sundown

Completions Engineer                                                       United States-Texas-Houston

Power Line Co-Op                                                              United States-Texas-Seminole

Lab Analyst                                                                          United States-Texas-Pasadena

Lab Analyst                                                                          United States-Texas-LaPorte

Production Tech – IFA                                                        United States-Texas-Levelland

Inspector                                                                              United States-Texas-Gregory

Pipeline Tech I                                                                     United States-Texas-Sundown

Analyst Lab                                                                          Multiple Locations

Eng Advisor Project Dev Sr                                               Multiple Locations

Automation Specialist I                                                     United States-Texas-Seminole

Maintenance Engineer                                                      United States-Texas-LaPorte

Ethylene Production Superintendent                              United States-Texas-Gregory

Chemical Operator                                                             United States-Kansas-Wichita

Millwright                                                                             United States-Kansas-Wichita

Instrument Technician                                                       United States-Texas-Dallas

Petrophysicist                                                                      United States-Texas-Houston

Production Manager                                                          United States-Texas-Deer Park

Chemical Operator                                                             United States-Michigan-Ludington

Electrician                                                                            United States-Kansas-Wichita

GOM Production Engineer                                                United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Sr Staff Reservoir Engineer                                               United States-Texas-The Woodlands

Eng Artificial Lift                                                                 United States-Texas-Houston

Reliability Maintenance Engineer                                   United States-Kansas-Wichita

Senior Chemical Research Engineer                               United States-Kansas-Wichita

Production Tech – IFA                                                        United States-Texas-Levelland

Regulatory Analyst                                                             United States-Texas-Houston

Regulatory Engineer                                                          United States-Texas-Houston

Maintenance Engineer                                                      United States-Texas-Gregory

Power/Operating Engineer                                              Canada-Ontario-Thorold

Electrical Engineer                                                             United States-Kansas-Wichita

Operations Advisor                                                            United States-Texas-Midland

Eng Prod Ops                                                                       United States-Colorado-Platteville

Stimulation Design Engineer                                            United States-Texas-Houston

Reliability Maintenance Engineer                                   United States-Kansas-Wichita

Shipping Operator                                                              Canada-Ontario-Thorold

Process Control Engineer                                                 United States-Kansas-Wichita

Safety Specialist                                                                  Canada-Ontario-Thorold

Field Analyst Co-Op                                                            United States

Instrument Technician                                                       United States-Kansas-Wichita

Senior/Principal Electrical Project Engineer                  United States-Texas-Deer Park

Air Quality Engineer                                                           United States-Texas-Houston

Occidental Petroleum (OXY) Jobs
Occidental Petroleum (OXY) Jobs
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