October 3, 2022
Key Energy Services Jobs USA

Key Energy Services Jobs USA

Key Energy Services, Inc. operates as an onshore rig-based well servicing contractor in the United States. It operates through Rig Services, Fishing and Rental Services, Coiled Tubing Services, and Fluid Management Services segments.

The Rig Services segment is involved in the completion of newly drilled wells; workover and recompletion of existing oil and natural gas wells; well maintenance activities; and plugging and abandonment of wells at the end of their useful lives, as well as provision of specialty drilling services to oil and natural gas producers.

The Fishing and Rental Services segment provides fishing services that involve recovering lost or stuck equipment in the wellbore utilizing fishing tools; and rents drill pipes, tubulars, handling tools, pressure-control equipment, pumps, power swivels, reversing units, and foam air units, as well as frac stack equipment to support hydraulic fracturing operations.

The Coiled Tubing Services segment offers services for wellbore clean-outs, nitrogen jet lifts, through-tubing fishing, and formation stimulations; mills temporary isolation plugs that separate frac zones; and other pre-and post-hydraulic fracturing well preparation services.

The Fluid Management Services segment offers transportation and well-site storage services for fluids utilized in drilling, completions, workover, and maintenance activities; and disposal services for fluids produced subsequent to well completion. It also operates a fleet of hot oilers for pumping heated fluids used to clear soluble restrictions in a wellbore.

The company was formerly known as Key Energy Group, Inc. and changed its name to Key Energy Services, Inc. in December 1998. Key Energy Services, Inc. was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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BOP Tools Tech, Casper, WY

BOP Tools Tech, Kilgore, TX

Bop-Tools Tech, Odessa, TX

BOP-Tools Tech, Tioga, ND

Coil Tubing Equipment Oper 1, Alice, TX

Co-Rod Operator, Casper, WY

Derrickhand Completions, Odessa, TX

Derrickhand, Alice, TX

Derrickhand, Andrews, TX

Derrickhand, Buckhannon, WV

Derrickhand, Dickinson, ND

Derrickhand, Hobbs, NM

Derrickhand, Kilgore, TX

Derrickhand, Levelland, TX

Derrickhand, Midland, TX

Derrickhand, Odessa TX

Derrickhand, Tioga, ND

Derrickhand, Williston, ND

Derrickhand, Winnsboro, TX

Dispatcher Fishing & Rental, Levelland, TX

Equipment Oper 2 (Coil Tubing), Alice, TX

Equipment Oper 3, (Coil Tubing), Alice, TX

Field Mechanic, Mill Hall, PA

Fishing Tool Supervisor 1, Odessa, TX

Fishing Tool Supervisor 1, Kilgore, TX

Floorhand – C, Odessa, TX

Floorhand 1 – Hobbs, NM

Floorhand 1, (Trainee) Taft CA

Floorhand 1, (Trainee) Taft CA

Floorhand 1, Alice, TX

Floorhand 1, (Trainee) Belridge CA

Floorhand 1, (Trainee) Ventura, CA

Floorhand 1, Andrews, TX

Floorhand 1, Buckhannon, WV

Floorhand 1, Crane, TX

Floorhand 1, Dickinson, ND

Floorhand 1, Kilgore, TX

Floorhand 1, Levelland, TX

Floorhand 1, Midland, TX18

Floorhand 1, Odessa, TX

Floorhand 1, Odessa, TX

Floorhand 1, Snyder, TX

Floorhand 1, Tioga, ND

Floorhand 1, Williston, ND

Floorhand 2, (Experienced) Bakersfield CA (HWY 65) Co Rod

Floorhand 2, (Experienced) San Ardo CA

Floorhand 2, (Experienced) Ventura CA

Floorhand 2, Andrews, TX

Floorhand 2, Buckhannon, WV

Floorhand 2, Buckhannon, WV

Floorhand 2, Crane, TX

Floorhand 2, Dickinson, ND

Floorhand 2, Fort Worth, TX

Floorhand 2, Hobbs, NM

Floorhand 2, Iraan, TX

Floorhand 2, Kilgore, TX

Floorhand 2, Levelland, TX

Floorhand 2, Midland, TX

Floorhand 2, Odessa, TX

Floorhand 2, Snyder, TX

Floorhand 2, Taft, CA

Floorhand 2, Tioga, ND

Floorhand 2, Winnsboro, TX

Floorhand-C, Odessa, TX

Helper, Odessa TX

HR Coordinator, Houston, TX

Lead Mechanic-Williston, ND

Mechanic 1, Williston, ND

Mechanic 2 (Coil Tubing), Alice, TX

Mechanic 2, Casper, WY

Mechanic 2, Odessa, TX

Mechanic 2, Williston, ND

Mechanic 3, Bakersfield CA

Mechanic 3, Williston, ND

Mechanic, Hobbs, NM

Operations Admin Coordinator, Kilgore, TX

Operations Admin Support, Casper, WY

Operations Admin Support, Odessa, TX

Pump Operator, Odessa, tX

Pump Operator, Kilgore, TX

Relief Operator Dickinson, ND

Relief Operator, Hobbs, NM

Relief Operator, Taft CA

Relief Operator, Tioga, ND

Relief Operator, Williston, ND

Relief Operator-Completions, Odessa, TX

Relief Operator-Williston, ND

Reverse Supervisor, Hobbs, NM

Reverse Supervisor, Levelland, TX

Reverse Supervisor, Odessa, TX

Rig Operator, Alice, TX

Rig Operator, Andrews, TX

Rig Operator, Buckhannon, WV

Rig Operator, Dickinson, ND

Rig Operator, Fort Worth, TX

Rig Operator, Hobbs, NM

Rig Operator, Kilgore, TX

Rig Operator, Taft CA

Rig Operator, Williston, ND

Rig Operator, Winnsboro, TX

Rig Operator-C, Odessa, TX

Rig Operator-Williston, ND

Sr HR Generalist, Odessa, TX

Supervisor 1, Buckhannon, WV

Supervisor 1, Crane, TX

Supervisor 1, Hobbs, NM

Supervisor 1, Kilgore, TX

Supervisor, Midland, TX

Vacuum Truck Driver, Mill Hall, PA

Welder/Fabricator, Bakersfield CA

Winch Truck Driver, Odessa, TX

Winch Truck Driver, Odessa, TX

Key Energy Services Jobs USA
Key Energy Services Jobs USA
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