October 2, 2022
HazTek construction and facility safety Jobs

HazTek construction and facility safety Jobs

“HazTek is a construction and facility safety consulting and training company. Its mission is to enrich the health, safety, and well-being of its’ employees, customers, and communities. HazTek Inc. is a leading provider of comprehensive safety management services designed to protect workers by enhancing workplace safety. HazTek partners with companies to create a culture of safety that reduces costs related to accidents and improves employee performance, productivity, and morale. HazTek services customers nationwide with office locations in the Northeast, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Gulf Coast. HazTek’s foundation is based on our expertise in managing health and safety on environmental remediation and hazardous waste sites.”

Safety Specialist| Geismar, LA

Safety Manager | East Hanover, NJ

Safety Specialist| West Point, PA

Safety Specialist| Cambridge, MA

Safety Specialist| Texas City

Safety Manager | Texas City, TX

Safety Manager | Paramount, CA

USACE Site Safety Officer | Arlington, VA

Construction Safety Manager | Zurich, Switzerland

Safety Manager | Kalamazoo, MI

USACE Site Safety Officer | National

USACE Site Safety Officer | Yuma, AZ

Safety Specialist| Washington, DC

Safety Manager | Seattle, WA

Construction Safety Manager | Sterling, VA

Safety Coordinator| Hometown, PA

Project Safety Adviser | Manassas, VA

Site Safety Manager| New Albany, OH

Senior Project Safety Adviser |San Jose, CA

Safety Manager | Santa Clara, CA

Safety Manager | Owners Representative| DeKalb, IL

Safety Manager | Spring Hill, TN

Safety Manager | Paulsboro. NJ

Senior Project Safety Adviser | Chicago, IL

Senior EHS Manager | Phoenix, AZ

Senior Project Safety Adviser | Santa Clara, CA

Senior Safety Consultant | Houston, TX | Remote

Senior Safety Trainer| Houston, TX | Remote

Safety Manager| Las Vegas, NV

Senior Project Safety Adviser | Atlanta, GA

Safety Manager | North/Central New Jersey Region

Safety Manager | Central/South New Jersey

Safety Manager | Philadelphia Region

Safety Manager | Boston Area

Senior Project Safety Professional – Leesburg, VA

Construction Safety Manager|York, PA

Controlling Energy Marshall | Leesburg, VA

Process Safety Manager-Syracuse, NY

Safety Manager | Tempe, AZ

Process Safety Manager-Devens MA

Controlling Energy Marshall | National Opportunities

Controlling Energy Marshall | Phoenix, AZ

Controlling Energy Marshall | Boydton, VA

Safety Manager | Maryland | Virginia Region

Senior Project Safety Adviser – National Opportunities

Senior Project Safety Adviser – Cheyenne, WY

Safety Professionals – National Opportunities

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