December 3, 2022
Gas Plant Operator USA Job

Gas Plant Operator USA Job

Gas Plant Operator

Position Summary:

This position is responsible for monitoring the flows, pressure and specifications of our natural gas processing plants.  The following represents the majority of the duties performed by the position, but is not meant to be all-inclusive nor prevent other duties from being assigned when necessary. 

Job Duties:

  • Operates plant facilities various equipment/systems including, but not limited to: cryogenic plant processing, hydrocarbon fractionation units, process controls and measurement, pumps, pressure relief system instrument air system, dehydrators, fuel system, emergency shutdown systems, gas turbines, reciprocating compressors, steam turbines, gas fired boilers, process pumps, amine treating systems, inlet gas receivers and NGL storage and transfer facilities.
  • Operate the assigned plant equipment to ensure safe, efficient operation of the plant. This includes proper adjustments of operating conditions, and process troubleshooting.
  • Optimize processing throughout the facility and maintain proper product specifications.
  • Responds to alarms and problems within the plant and makes appropriate corrections.
  • Safely perform plant startup, shutdown, and respond to plant emergencies.
  • Maintain established plant or equipment logs as required.
  • Perform lock out/tag out procedures and may monitor field compressor status through the use of SCADA.
  • Maintenance coordination, management of change and procedure updating as required.
  • Implement all plant Health, Environmental, Safety, and Security procedures such as emergency response, safe work procedures, Spill Prevention. Countermeasures and Control (SPCC) reporting and monitoring environmental compliance and wear all required PPE.
  • Monitor safety performance of plant and non-plant personnel and correct deficiencies as appropriate.


  • Computer knowledge – Proficient utilizing MS Windows environment.
  • Strong initiative and self-starter.
  • Ability to keep neat and accurate records.
  • Multi-task orientation with skills related to work prioritization.
  • Excellent Interpersonal Communications skills in a team environment.
  • General mechanical troubleshooting and repair skills.
  • Ability to identify operational inefficiencies.
  • Understanding of Business fundamentals.
  • Ability to implement cost effective solutions.
  • Technical Skills related to math and analytical thinking.
  • Understanding of Importance of environmental and Safe Work Practices.


  • 1+ years of Gas Plant experience and Plant Operations required.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment as well as by self without direct supervision.
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent. Some college or technical training preferred.
  • Valid US Driver’s License with an acceptable driving record.
  • Housing NOT provided; candidates preferred to reside in Jal, Hobbs, Andrews, Lovington, Loving, Kermit, Wink, Wickett, TX area

Physical requirements:

  • Must be able to climb ladders and stairs
  • Walking, bending, stooping is required
  • Must be able to wear personal protective equipment including the use of a respirator
  • Must be able to respond to visual and audible alarms
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