December 5, 2023
Gas Pipeline Operator Job USA

Gas Pipeline Operator Job USA

Pipeline Operator (Gas) 


Salt Creek Midstream (SCM) is a greenfield midstream company built to provide a full suite of midstream services and downstream solutions to producers in the Delaware Basin. SCM leverages fundamental and intra-basin knowledge to optimize the value of producer resources, reduce bottlenecks and deliver higher netbacks to the producer. 



The Gas Pipeline Controller will be responsible for the safe and efficient remote operation of pipelines, tanks, and pumping equipment involved in the transportation of ngls and other products in compliance with DOT and other regulatory agencies. The duties of this position are primarily located in the southeastern region of NM. 



  • Remotely starting/stopping pumps and/or compressors and operating valves.  
  • Monitoring and controlling the movement of material through multiple pipelines and/or facilities.  
  • Analyzing changing conditions and alarms and making necessary adjustments.  
  • Determining accurate time of pipeline events (pumping, deliveries, nominations, etc.) by reviewing batch listings and schedules.  
  • Must be able to quickly detect abnormal operations, use critical judgement and react accordingly in a short period of time.  
  • Monitoring pipeline integrity and coordinating pipeline maintenance. Monitoring tank and cavern storage levels.  
  • Maintaining communication with field personnel, customers, and suppliers to maximize efficiency, safety, quality, and customer service.  


  • 2-3 years prior oil and gas field operations experience, preferably Midstream sector 
  • Associates Degree is preferred.  
  • Basic computer skills including the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and email software.  
  • Must successfully complete all pre-employment screening requirements; including, but not limited to criminal and employment background checks, DOT drug screen, basic math and/or mechanical aptitude assessments, and interview process.  
  • Successful communication with co-workers, customers and the public, whether in a group or in independent cooperative activities.  
  • Good communication abilities (verbal and written) including the ability to effectively communicate by telephone. 
  • Must be accountable and self-driven to learn, and to continuously develop and improve his/her skills through both formalized and on-the-job training.  
  • Must be willing and able to perform essential functions of this position and be able to work unscheduled overtime.  
  • Must be able to demonstrate, through previous job experience, training, and activities, his or her ability to understand the operation of various mechanical and technical equipment or systems.  

Gas Pipeline Operator Job USA
Gas Pipeline Operator Job USA
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