October 3, 2022
Enterprise Products Pipeline and Midstream Jobs

Enterprise Products Pipeline and Midstream Jobs USA

Enterprise Products Partners L.P. has grown significantly since its IPO in July 1998, increasing its asset base from $715 million to $68 billion at December 31, 2021. This phenomenal growth is a result of expansions from organic growth opportunities, as well as acquisitions. Listed below is our current portfolio of assets.


PipelinesOver 50,000 miles of natural gas, NGL, crude oil, refined products and petrochemical pipelines
Storage (Salt Dome)Approximately 260 million barrels (MMBbls) of NGL, refined products and crude oil storage capacity14 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of natural gas storage capacity
Natural Gas Processing24 natural gas processing plants
Fractionation25 NGL and propylene fractionators
Import/Export TerminalsHouston Ship Channel has seven deep-water ship docks which can load multi-productsBeaumont has five deep-water ship docks which can load multi-productsSeaway Texas City and Freeport locations have four deep-water ship docks which can load crudeMorgan’s Point has two deep-water ship docks which can load ethane

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Auditor, IT                                                                                                                             

Specialist, Senior Technical I&E Training

Specialist, Senior Regional PSM (Midland, TX)

Inland Tankerman – Pay Range: $310 – $350 (Depending Upon Experience)

Inland Wheelman – Starting Pay: $600/day – *Offering $5,000 sign on bonus*

Deckhand, Inland – Starting Pay: $180/day

Driver $8K Sign On Bonus

Driver $5K Sign On Bonus

Driver $5K Sign On Bonus

Driver $5K Sign On Bonus

Driver $5K Sign On Bonus

Driver $5K Sign On Bonus

Driver $5K Sign On Bonus

Driver $5K Sign On Bonus

Driver $8K Sign On Bonus (Silsbee, TX)

Specialist, Material Balance

Mechanic, Truck (Corpus)

Technician, Pipeline (San Angelo, TX)

Operator, Pipeline (Hobbs, NM)

Mechanic, Truck (Mobile)

Specialist, Safety (Midland, TX)

Mechanic, Truck (Breaux Bridge)

Administrative Assistant

Technician, Pipeline (Aledo, TX)

Specialist, Sourcing

Technician, Pipeline Trainee (Whiting, IA)

Administrator, Contract

Technician, Pipeline (El Dorado Terminal)

Operator, Pipeline (Baytown, TX)

Technician, Pipeline Trainee (Beaumont, TX)

Technician, Pipeline (Beaumont, TX)

Specialist, Senior Regional PSM

Engineer, Senior Operations

Coordinator, Senior Cost

Assistant, Facilities

Operator, Plant (Battlefield)

Coordinator, Marine Personnel

Engineer, Staff Reliability

Specialist, Field Training

Mechanic, Truck (Pleasanton)

Mechanic, Truck

Mechanic, Senior Truck (Hobbs)

Mechanic, Senior Truck

Specialist, Fuels Compliance & Quality Assurance (Beaumont, TX)

Coordinator, Statistics and Data Analysis

Controller, Liquid Pipeline (9420 W. Sam Houston Pkwy)

Technician, Measurement (San Angelo – Sonora Area)


Engineer, Environmental (Scientist)

Operator, Pipeline Trainee (Todhunter Terminal)

Operator, Plant (Bulldog Plant)

Accountant, Senior

Specialist, Associate Network Operations

Specialist, Network Operations

Technician, Pipeline / One Call (Midland)

Specialist, Senior Sourcing (Houston or Mont Belvieu Office)

Technician, Pipeline (Mechanic) (Midland – Crude/NGL)

Engineer, Cybersecurity

Technician, Mechanical (Midland)

Technician, Measurement (Tennessee Colony)

Planner, Maintenance

Specialist, Lead Data Engineering

Operator, Compressor Station

Technician, Measurement (Midland, TX)

Technician, Pipeline (Texas City)

Engineer, Senior Operational Analytics

Project Manager, Pipeline Integrity

Chemist, Senior Lab

Dispatcher I

Operator, Plant (Orla, TX)

Operator, Plant (Mentone, TX)

Technician, Pipeline (Carlsbad, NM)Mechanic, Lead Truck (Midland, TX)

Engineer, Staff Electrical

Operator, Terminal (Adamana, AZ)

Manager, Commercial

Technician, Mechanical (Welder/Fitter)

Administrator, Contract

Specialist, Senior Data Science

Operator, Pipeline (Cushing, OK)

Specialist, Senior Systems

Accountant (Recent Graduates)

Analyst, Commercial

Technician, I & E (Carlsbad, NM)

Engineer, Leak Detection

 Technician, Pipeline (Thompsonville, TX)

Specialist, Lead Systems(DevOps/Application Automation)

Technician, Corrosion (Farmington, NM)

Coordinator, Piping Design

Representative, Commercial

Technician, Corrosion (Carlsbad)

Technician, Corrosion (Midland)

Technician, Corrosion (Kenedy, TX)

Supervisor, E-Call

Technician, Pipeline (Monahans)

Technician, Senior Corrosion

Operator, Pipeline (Crude, Midland Tank Farm)

Engineer, Authentication Security

Engineer, Authentication Security

Analyst, Measurement

Technician, I & E (Tyler or Cayuga, TX)

Operator, Plant (Cryo) (Carlsbad, NM)

Technician, Mechanical (Monahans, TX)

Analyst, Commercial (Denver)

Technician, I & E (Carthage, TX)

Specialist, Senior Desktop Architecture

Engineer, Operations (Midland, TX)

Operator, Plant (Nacogdoches, TX)

Operator, Plant (Meeker, CO)

Specialist, Sourcing

Technician, I&E (High Voltage)

Technician, Mechanical (Mentone, TX)

Technician, I & E (Mentone, TX)

Engineer, Senior Project

Technician, I&E

Engineer, Pipeline Compliance

Specialist, Senior Measurement Services

Technician, Mechanical

Technician, Pipeline (Ogden, IA)

Technician, I & E (Midland, TX)


Technician, Senior Communications (Iowa City)

Technician, Pipeline / I&E (Cushing, OK)

Specialist, Lead SCADA

Technician, Pipeline (One Call) (Beaumont, TX)

Specialist, Lead Systems

Mechanic, Marine (Channelview, TX)

Technician, Marine Maintenance (Channelview, TX)

Operator, Pipeline (Iowa City, IA)

Project Manager, Senior Tank Integrity

Specialist, Public Awareness & Damage Prevention

Engineer, Project

Analyst, Transportation Compliance

Technician, Mechanical (Sonora, TX)

Specialist, GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Specialist, Product Stream Quality

Operator, Plant (Coyanosa, TX)

Engineer, Maintenance

Specialist, Senior NGL Accounts Payable

Specialist, Senior Directory Services & Messaging

Coordinator, Facility Maintenance (Channelview, TX)

Senior Manager, Concept Development Engineering

Assistant, Field Administrative

Operator, Terminal Trainee

Specialist, Senior Systems

Accountant, Intermediate Property

Operator, Plant (Midland, TX)

Analyst, Commercial

Technician, Gathering (Midland – NE)

Specialist, GIS

Technician, Gathering (Farmington, NM)

Technician, Pipeline (Bossier City)

Project Manager (Field Engineering – Construction)

Technician, Pipeline Trainee (Brenham, TX)

Technician, Reliability

Engineer, Senior Project

Technician, Pipeline Trainee (Port Allen)

Technician, Senior Communications (Mont Belvieu, TX)

Technician, Pipeline (Loving Co/Kermit, TX Crude NGL)

Specialist, Cybersecurity Compliance

Engineer, Senior Communications

Specialist, Lead Data Engineering

Engineer, Control (System Support)

Analyst, Commercial

Engineer, Senior Process Control

Technician, Reliability (Midland, TX)

Accountant, Senior Volume

Engineer, Senior Control (Baton Rouge, LA area)

Millwright (Mont Belvieu)

Technician, Pipeline Trainee (Conway, KS)

Specialist, Senior Mechanical Integrity (Pascagoula)

Operator, Plant (12-hr Rotating Shift) (Carlsbad, NM)

Engineer, Pipeline Integrity

Operator, Plant (Orla, TX)

Engineer, Senior Staff Process Projects

Specialist, Associate Systems (Recent Graduates)

Engineer, Operations

Technician, Pipeline (Midland/Odessa/Andrews, TX)

Engineer, Senior Environmental (Scientist)

Specialist, Lead Systems

Specialist, Senior Platform

Specialist, Field Desktop Support

Specialist, Lead Systems (HFM)

Specialist, Senior Control Systems & Cybersecurity


Coordinator, Maintenance (San Antonio)

Technician, Pipeline Trainee (Monahans)

Specialist, Intermediate Customer Supplier Data Management

Operator, Plant Trainee (Orla, TX)

Specialist, Lead Systems

Enterprise Products Pipeline and Midstream Jobs
Enterprise Products Pipeline and Midstream Jobs
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