December 3, 2022
Axis Energy Service Jobs USA

Axis Energy Service Jobs USA

Axis Energy Services is an oilfield service company that provides workover and well-servicing services to the oil and gas industry. It offers safe, dependable, and professional workover and completion services along with a rental and fishing division that is capable of effectively resolving downhole complications and recovering equipment left

downhole during drilling operations. The company’s services enable its clients to reduce their expenditure on the overall oil servicing requirements.

Shop Hand                                                                                    Barnesville, OH

Bilingual Human Resources Coordinator                               Fort Morgan, CO

BOP Technician                                                                           Odessa, TX

BOP Technician                                                                           Longview, TX

Cement Pump Operator                                                            Fort Lupton, CO

Chemical Mixing Plant Operator                                             Kilgore, TX

Derrick Hand                                                                                Fort Lupton, CO

Derrick Hand                                                                                Bryan, TX

Derrick Hand                                                                                Williston, ND

Derrick Hand                                                                                Lindsay, OK

Derrick Hand                                                                                Mansfield, PA

Derrick Hand                                                                                Giddings, TX

Derrick Hand                                                                                Alice, TX

Derrick Hand                                                                                Victoria, TX

Derrick Hand                                                                                Carrizo Springs, TX

Derrick Hand                                                                                Barnesville, OH

Derrick Hand                                                                                Longview, TX

Derrick Hand                                                                                Odessa, TX

Derrick Hand                                                                                Marmarth, ND

District Administrative Support                                                Barnesville, OH

Driver, Bulk Cement                                                                   Fort Lupton, CO

Fishing Tool Supervisor                                                             Snyder, TX

Fishing Tool Supervisor                                                             Kilgore, TX

Floor Hand                                                                                   Odessa, TX

Floor Hand                                                                                   Fort Lupton, CO

Floor Hand                                                                                   Bryan, TX

Floor Hand                                                                                   Williston, ND

Floor Hand                                                                                   Lindsay, OK

Floor Hand                                                                                   Mansfield, PA

Floor Hand                                                                                   Giddings, TX

Floor Hand                                                                                   Alice, TX

Floor Hand                                                                                   Victoria, TX

Floor Hand                                                                                   Carrizo Springs, TX

Floor Hand                                                                                   Barnesville, OH

Floor Hand                                                                                   Longview, TX

Floor Hand                                                                                   Marmarth, ND

Mechanic                                                                                     Mansfield, PA

Mechanic                                                                                     Kilgore, TX

Nitrogen Pump Operator                                                          Odessa, TX

Nitrogen Pump Operator                                                          Longview, TX

Nitrogen Transport Driver                                                        Odessa, TX

P&A Floor Hand                                                                          Odessa, TX

P&A Floor Hand                                                                          Victoria, TX

P&A Rig Operator                                                                       Victoria, TX

P&A Tool Pusher / Field Supervisor                                         Victoria, TX

Pump Operator                                                                           Kilgore, TX

Pump Operator                                                                           Odessa, TX

Pump Operator                                                                           Barnesville, OH

Reverse Unit Operator                                                              Snyder, TX

Rig Operator                                                                                Marmarth, ND

Rig Operator                                                                                Lindsay, OK

Rig Operator                                                                                Mansfield, PA

Rig Operator                                                                                Giddings, TX

Rig Operator                                                                                Alice, TX

Rig Operator                                                                                Victoria, TX

Rig Operator                                                                                Williston, ND

Rig Operator                                                                                Carrizo Springs, TX

Rig Operator                                                                                Barnesville, OH

Rig Operator                                                                                Longview, TX

Rig Operator                                                                                Odessa, TX

Snubbing Assistant                                                                     Barnesville, OH

Snubbing Assistant                                                                     Longview, TX

Snubbing Operator                                                                     Longview, TX

Snubbing Operator                                                                     Barnesville, OH

Swab Rig – Floor Hand                                                               Kingsville, TX

Swab Rigs – Rig Operator                                                          Kingsville, TX

Tool Pusher/Field Supervisor                                                   Odessa, TX

Tool Pusher/Field Supervisor                                                   Williston, ND

Tool Pusher/Field Supervisor                                                   Mansfield, PA

Tool Pusher/Field Supervisor                                                   Barnesville, OH

Winch Truck Driver                                                                     Fort Lupton, CO

Winch Truck Driver                                                                     Longview, TX

Winch Truck Driver                                                                     Hobbs, NM

Winch Truck Driver                                                                     Victoria, TX

Winch Truck Driver                                                                     Snyder, TX

Axis Energy Service Jobs USA
Axis Energy Service Jobs USA
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